Welcome to the Jogscotland Rosemount website

The Rosemount group meets on a Monday & Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm at the Westburn tennis Centre located inside Westburn Park. There are various groups which are suitable from complete beginners all the way through to advanced runners.

Each week we walk/jog/run different routes in the area as well as introducing a variety of training sessions/techniques for example speed and hill work.We also encourage each other to take part in a variety of different events from the Jog Scotland 5K challenges, 10K, Half Marathons and Marathons. 

If you would like to find out more about the group please contact us and we will try our best to answer your questions!

The cost for the group is £2.50 a session. A regular monthly Sport Aberdeen membership also includes access to both sessions at no additional cost. The only other requirement is that you must be a member of jogscotland which is completely free. Forms can be obtained when you attend your first session, or you can do it online on the Jogscotland website, this is the most efficient option.

The jogscotland programme was established in 2002 by scottishathletics, the governing body of athletics in Scotland. Jogscotland uses simple, gentle walk/jog/run programmes to encourage everyone to get out and become more active!

The jogscotland programme is supported by NHS Health Scotland, sportscotland and the Scottish Government Health Department; three national bodies working together to help many people in Scotland adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle.

All our Leaders have attended training courses run by the jogscotland programme. 


 For more information about jogscotland and other local groups visit their website via the links page. 

Adverse Weather

We run in most weathers but sometimes may need to cancel for safety reasons. If the weather suggests we may not be running that evening, check with Westburn Indoor Tennis Centre (01224-507748‎) after 4pm that day for information. An update will also be posted here and on the Facebook page.

Safety Information

  • Wear Hi-Viz Vest / Jacket/T-Shirt during the dark nights. 
  • There are 4 groups so place yourself in  the group that suits your abilities.
  • Always run on the pavement never on the roads.
  • Always look after each other. Your safety may depend on it.
  • Always be alert to instructions from your leader.
  • Other people use the pavements please be courteous to them.